Staff will normally aim to respond to emails within three working days.  If your query is a complicated one, it may take longer, but staff will normally respond within three days to let you know how long it will take to give you a full answer.

Not all staff work five days per week, so if your enquiry is urgent it is probably better that you make telephone contact via the school office in the first instance.

General Contact Details


Priestlands School

North Street, Pennington, Lymington

Hampshire SO41 8FZ

Office Hours: 8:15am to 4.15pm

Telephone: 01590 677033

Fax: 01590 670398


Student Absence Line: 01590 613440

Senior Team


Mr P. Main

Deputy Headteachers

Mr R. Glenny
Mrs J. Emmel

Assistant Headteachers

Ms K. McAdam
Mr T. Ritchie
Mrs H. Yates

Business & Finance Manager

Mrs S Fuell


Board of Governors

All enquiries

Mrs C. Clitherow
Clerk to the Board of Governors




High Achieving Students

Mr T Ritchie, Assistant Headteacher


Miss A Crook, Head of Department

Business Studies

Mrs F Cleeter, Subject Leader

Child Development

Mrs H Okoth, Subject Leader

Computer Science

Mr C Hill, Subject Leader

Design Technology

Mr S Gillett, Head of Department


Mrs J Strath, Head of Department


Mrs A Russell, Head of Department


Mr M Pitcher, Head of Department


Mr P Wagstaff, Head of Department

Personal Development

·      Careers and Enterprise Education (not Careers Advice: see below)

Mr M Cable, Personal Development Coordinator

·      Health Education (including Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and Relationships Education)

Miss C Nicholson, Health Education Co-ordinator

Tutorial time programme (PSHCE)

Mr M Cable, PSHCE Co-ordinator Upper School

Miss C Nicholson, PSHCE Co-ordinator Lower School


Mrs W Drodge, Head of Department


Mrs F Cleeter, Head of Department


Dr H Burgess, Head of Department

Media Studies

Ms J Squibb, Subject Leader

Modern Languages

Mrs R Owen, Head of Department


Ms C Wootton, Head of Department

Physical Education

Mrs N Peacock, Head of Department

Religious Education

Mr M Pitcher, Head of Department


Dr P Taylor, Head of Department

Special Educational Needs and Disabled Students

Ms L Bilsborough, Head of Inclusion


Dr H Burgess, Head of Department




· To report absences

· To discuss concerns/ask for help


Ms D Hood, Attendance Officer, 01590 613440

Mrs E Johnson, Education Welfare Officer

Careers Advice (not Careers education: see above)

Ms M Bennett, Careers Adviser

Year 7 / Class of 2025

· Head of Year

· Pastoral Support Manager


Mrs A Haynes
Mrs L Smith

Year 8 / Class of 2024

· Head of Year

· Pastoral Support Manager


Mrs B Hollowbread

Mrs R James

Year 9 / Class of 2023

· Head of Year

· Pastoral Support Manager


Mrs J Wagstaff

Mrs A Nutt

Year 10 / Class of 2022

· Head of Year

· Pastoral Support Manager


Mr M Caplen

Mrs L Bailey

Year 11 / Class of 2021

· Head of Year

· Pastoral Support Manager


Mrs C Ritchie

Mrs J Ainslie


Extra-Curricular Provision

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Mr G Boultwood

Mr R Purdy

Musical Instrument Tuition

Mrs G Hastlelow, Arts Admin Officer


Other Areas


Mrs C Davidson-Young, Admissions Officer

Exam entries

Mrs A Hodges, Examinations Officer

Finance Team

Mrs S Fuell, Business & Finance Manager

Pupil Premium

Ms K McAdam, Assistant Headteacher


Please contact the Headteacher