Curriculum Choices Information Summary

Curriculum Choices - booklets and dates will be found on your Pastoral pages:

Year 8 Pastoral Page (Booklet (PDF))

Year 9 Pastoral Page (Booklet (PDF))

Students school email is required - all information about using school email is on this ICT Support page.
You will be using your school Microsoft/Office365 account to access your email, the same as you should have been doing for Teams.

Parents will need to register for the SIMS Parent App:
If you have previously registered, nothing has changed and you will know your chosen authentication service and its password (eg Facebook).
If you have NOT registered, an email invite was sent to you - follow the instructions.

Students will need to activate their SIMS account to use the SIMS Options website on 
They were sent an invite to their school email - follow the instructions to activate and register, using their school Microsoft 365 account details.