Esafety - Online Grooming

It’s Internet Safety Day and this week’s LOSA [Lockdown Online Safety Advice #5] is to raise awareness of online grooming.

By necessity, at the moment, most children are spending more time than usual online. Their online live lessons are delivered through the safety of Microsoft Teams, but it is the leisure time online where the risks tend to lie. We know that being online is important socially for young people; there is an exciting world of entertainment, communication and knowledge out there! And it would be unreasonable and counter-productive to try to keep them safe by somehow blocking access to the internet.

Although our young people may assure us that they know all about staying safe online, we believe that there is value in giving regular reminders. One reminder we regularly make is to ask yourself ‘How sure am I about the identity of the person I’m talking to?

We thoroughly recommend the Internet Matters website and this week we attach their excellent, brief but informative guide ‘What parents need to know about online grooming.’ (PDF) It explains what is meant by ‘online grooming’ and covers:

Ways to protect your child
• Talking about it
• Tools to keep them safe
• Spotting the signs
• Steps to take if it happens

The routes for reporting concerns are made clear in the attached guide, but if you would like to speak to someone at school for advice about concerns you may have about your child’s online safety please feel free to get in contact.

Kind regards

Richard Glenny
Deputy Headteacher
Priestlands School



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