Design & Technology : Year 7

In year 7 the pupils spend 12 weeks in the workshops following a Product Design unit of work.

The aim of this unit is to give the pupils as much experience of the machines and tools found in a school workshop as possible, whilst also introducing them to the basic concepts of researching, designing and evaluating a product.

Scalextric Car


You are a group of individuals who have got together to form a new touring car racing team. You are looking for a main sponsor who has ethical credentials to fund your teams work. You have just ten weeks in which to get your team ready to compete in the first event.

Design Brief

As a group you will need to develop your team’s identity and race car. You must promote your sponsor on the car and around the track and have development evidence to show how their money has been spent. You are also expected to contribute to the development of the track side and pit lane. 

Working in pairs the pupils are required to Research a range of design based topics, laser cut a chassis, solder together a scalextric kit, assemble a race chassis, design a body shell mould, vacuum form a bodyshell, apply suitable graphics and eventually race their car.

The aim of the project is to use as much of the workshop equipment as we can whilst undertaking an interesting and fun project. The year 7 pupils often produce work of an excellent quality and level of presentation.  We also try to link the project into some of the local and national history associated with land speed records.