Ethics at Key Stage 4 aims to:

  • Encourages pupils to examine the bigger moral questions surrounding a number of ethical issues.
  • Contribute to the development of pupil’s knowledge of the wider world and current topics.
  • Link the investigation of these issues to religious belief and ideals.

All pupils in Years 9 take a core course in Ethics. They will receive a school certified qualification at the end of Year 10.

Year 9

Topics covered include:

  • The Religious vision of the Native American people
  • Jewish response to the Holocaust – including a visit from a Holocaust survivor and the opportunity to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau in the Spring term of Year 10
  • An introduction to Ethical issues

Year 10

Topics covered include:

  • Religion and Medical Ethics (abortion, euthanasia, fertility treatments, saviour siblings, medical trials)
  • Religion and Equality (Racism and discrimination, Martin-Luther King, Homosexuality)
  • Religion, Peace and Justice (Just War theory, nuclear warfare, crime and punishment)
  • Religion and Responsibility (family, marriage, divorce, age of consent, sexuality)