Head of Department: Mrs R Owen

The Languages Department at Priestlands School offers classes in three languages: French, German and Spanish.  We aim to develop the language skills of all our Students by using as much target language as possible within a friendly, fun, engaging and supportive environment.  As well as teaching the academic skills needed to learn a language within a classroom environment the lessons also aim to give Students a taste of the literature, art, popular culture, traditions and customs of other countries.  Creativity is important and students can show what they have learned through diverse activities such as role play, games, songs, reading authentic texts in different genres and writing stories and poems. Learning a language is a life enriching experience which creates opportunities for employment, travel, and making friends across the globe as well as, an appreciation, understanding and respect of other cultures.  We currently have six members of staff in the department:

  • Mrs Owen: Spanish and French.  Subject Leader of Spanish and Head of Department
  • Miss Bougard: French, German and Spanish.  Subject Leader of French and Deputy Head of Department
  • Mrs Stone: French, German and Spanish, Subject Leader of German
  • Miss Rollett: Spanish and French
  • Ms Suarez: Spanish and French
  • Mrs Liakakou: French, German and Spanish


We aim to develop the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing through a variety of methods as mentioned above.  All the classrooms are furnished with informative and attractive displays of language learning aids which students can refer to throughout the lesson.  We have interactive whiteboards for whole class teaching and students have access to on-line resources both at school and at home in order to develop and encourage independent study.  We currently subscribe to This is Language and use the Nelson Thornes Kerboodle resources in lessons at GCSE.  Our MFL website has many links to games, language learning resources and course materials.


In Year 7 students will study either French or Spanish and will continue with this language until the end of Year 9.  In Year 9 Students can also opt to learn a second or third language, including German, at beginner’s level.  In Year 10 students can choose to take one or two languages at GCSE.  We follow the AQA GCSE course.


In recent years we have run trips to Normandy, the Christmas markets in Cologne, Barcelona and Andalucia.  These trips are an integral part of language learning and an opportunity to really bring to life the languages studied by the students and to learn more about the associated countries and cultures.  See the MFL website for more details.