The Role of Achievement Support Assistants at Priestlands 

We have a number of Achievement Support Assistants (ASA) working with our SEND and Pupil Premium students.  ASAs have high expectations of all students, and use their subject knowledge to enable all students to achieve the learning objective in lessons.  Teaching staff plan lessons to make effective use of ASAs, therefore their impact is significant in contributing to the learning and achievement in our classrooms.

In addition to our ASA team, we have an experienced Teacher of Special Educational needs whose role includes specialist assessment and intervention.

All our ASAs run the Lexia Program.  This is a “personalised learning”, multisensory phonics approach.  Lexia’s  web based reading skills software focuses on improving reading comprehension by strengthening phonemic awareness, sound-symbol correspondence, decoding, fluency, phonics and vocabulary.  The reading software is designed to serve all ages of students, including students with dyslexia.  It provides independent practice and instruction, all of which aligns to synthetic phonics instruction.  This can also be accessed at home.

Each ASA is allocated  a number of students for whom they act as Key Worker.  Key Workers are members of staff individually assigned to our most vulnerable students in order to track and support their progress and well-being on a week-to-week basis.  

A Key Worker will work over a long-term period - often throughout the whole of a student’s school life – building up a close working relationship with the student, assisting them with difficulties as and when they arise, being an advocate for their needs within the wider school setting and acting as a positive link between the student, colleagues, outside agencies and families.  

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