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Key Stage 3 PE

At Priestlands our role is to encourage young people to lead an active and heathy lifestyle demonstrated through an engaging and challenging curriculum. We aim to help students and provide them with a platform to become well rounded sportsmen and women who can be positive role models within the world of sport.

In Year 9 students have a choice as to whether they will remain studying Core PE, which is two periods a week. If a student feels like they would want to choose PE as a further option they could opt to choose a PE Pathway route way. This will enable the student to have up to four periods a week of Physical Education in practical and theoretical based lessons. To find out more about the “PE Pathway” route way please go to our PE Examinations page.


Key Stage 4 PE

At Priestlands, the PE department aim to offer a wide range of physical activities and sports across the academic year.

Students at this stage will be on one of three pathways GCSE Physical Education, OCR Sports Studies or Core Physical Education. More information about the two courses shown in bold can be found at our PE Examinations page.

In Year 11 we allow the students to have the opportunity to create a personalised curriculum individual to their interests or passions within sport and exercise. Students have a variety of options open to them which they must commit to for a half term before they must change activities. They will re opt at the beginning of every term.