Minutes of the Board of Governors and any committees will appear on this page once they have been agreed. 

Occasionally, text will be blacked out where discussion relates to a confidential matter (where, for example, a parent, student or member of staff can be identified).  More usually, such discussions will be minuted in a separate confidential annex that will not be published.

The Board of Governors was re-constituted from January 2015.  This involved a reduction in size from 21 to 13 and the removal of all standing committees.  The full Board now meets monthly.

Board of Governor Meetings Dates September 2020-2021
AGM Minutes 2018
AGM Minutes 2017 
AGM Minutes 2016


If you would like to contact the Board of Governors for any reason, please contact Caroline Clitherow, Clerk to Governors, in writing at the school's address or by email.