Update at 3 September 2020

School bus services resume as normal the week beginning Monday 7th Septmeber but we have been advised by Morebus of some changes.  Details are as follows:

We have been advised today that Morebus are introducing new schoolchildren-only bus services serving Priestlands School from Monday 7th September 2020 to replace the public service buses used previously.

In line with advice from the Department of Education and Department of Transport and in partnership with local authorities, Morebus are running such services to allow students to travel separately from the general public where they have data that shows large flows of schoolchildren on their bus network.  Fares remain the same and the usual passes will be accepted.  In line with government guidance, students will be required to wear a face-covering if they are aged over 11 unless medically exempt.

Service 721         Click here for timetable

Students using the X1 buses at 0805 from New Milton via Milford-on-Sea & 1535 from Priestlands School, should use dedicated scholars bus 721 instead.

Service 722         Click here for timetable

The X2 buses at 0755 from New Milton via Sway & 1525 from Priestlands School will be replaced by dedicated scholars bus 722.

Service 732         Click here for timetable

The 112 buses at 0742 from Beaulieu & 1530 from Priestlands will be replaced by dedicated scholars bus 732.

Service 706         Click here for timetable

Students using the Bluestar 6 buses at 0748 from Lyndhurst and 1530 from Priestlands should use dedicated scholars bus 706 instead.

Applying for Transport to School

Parents must apply for transport to school through the Hampshire online Transport Portal.  Please click on the following link which will take you to their website where you will find information on eligibility and the link to the application portal: https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schooltransport

2018-19 information on purchasing bus passes for children living out of catchment


Bus Timetables

The following timetables will be in place for the academic year. Times are for guidance only. We advise students to be at the morning pick up point at least five minutes in advance

Company Route Number Pick up Point Pick up time Return time
Laguna Coach Sway    
Pitmore Lane/Coombe Lane layby by pillar box   1540
Manchester Road/Middle Road 0813 1546
  Sway Youth Centre 0815 1547
  Meadens Garage 0816 1548

Wilts and Dorset X2

New Milton, Whitefield Road 0755 1612
Ashley Crossroads 0803 1603
  Hordle, Ashley Lane, Hordle WI 0806 1600
  Sway, The Wheel Inn 0812 1555
  Sway, Manchester Road/Middle Road 0820* 1543*
  Sway, Railway Station 0822* 1545*
  Sway, Meadens Garage 0823* 1546*
  Sway, Pitmore Lane/Kings Lane 0828 1539
  Sway, The Wheel Inn (again) 0832 1535


Note: Bus will stop on request at all stops on route.  The afternoon service operates direct via Ashley Lane/Ashley Road, not via Ashley Common Road.

* Different route followed

Wilts and Dorset 777 Brockenhurst    
Brockenhurst, Forest Park Hotel 0801 1554*
Brockenhurst, Oberfield Road/Moorland Close 0803 1556
  Brockenhurst, New Forest Drive (mid-way along) 0806 1559*
  Brockenhurst Golf Club  0812 1549
  Brockenhurst, Sway Road (Post box opposite substation) 0813 1547
  Sway, Pitmore Lane/Back Lane 0820 1540
  Sway, Pitmore Lane/Kings Lane bus stop 0823 1537
  Sway, The Wheel Inn 0825 1533
  Sway Road (Badgers Wood)  0826
  Priestlands School  0835 1525 


Note: Bus will stop on request at all stops along Pitmore Lane

* Slightly different route followed on return journey

Bluestar 6 Brockenhurst/Setley    
Brockenhurst, Balmer Lawn Hotel 0759 1559
Brockenhurst, College bus stop 0800 1558
Brockenhurst, Brookley Road 0802 --
  Brockenhurst, Island Shop -- 1557
  Brockenhurst, Primary School 0804 1554
  Brockenhurst, Golf Club 0806 1552
  Setley, Setley House 0809 1549
  Setley, The Hobler 0811 1548
Wilts and Dorset 712 Norley Wood/Pilley/Boldre  
Pilley Post Office 0816 1547
Boldre, Red Lion 0820 1543
  Note: Bus will stop on request at all stops on route in Pilley and Boldre    
Wilts and Dorset 761

Bucklers Hard - Portmore (revised 24/9/18)

Bunker's Hill Cottages 0742 1609
Beufre Farm (Bucklers Hard Rd) 0744 1607
Bucklers Hard Car Park 0749 1602
Lodge Farm 0758 1553 
Thorns Cottage (Sowley Lane) 0803 1548
  East End Pond 0808 1544
  East End, Bridge Farm 0809 1543
  South Baddesley School 0813 1539
  Chain Lodge 0814 -
  Portmore Cross Roads 0817 1535
  Vicars Hill, Hordle Walhampton School 0818 1534
  Priestlands School 0830 1525
Wilts and Dorset 112 Beaulieu/East Boldre  
Beaulieu, B3054/Dock Lane 0742 1603
Beaulieu Marvins Garage 0743 1602
  Hatchet Gate 0747 1558
  East Boldre (Post Office) 0752 1553
  East End (Pond) 0757 1548
  Norleywood 0801 1546
  Pilley (Church Lane) 0807 ?
  Boldre (Red Lion) 0811 ?
  Lymington - NF Hospital 0817 ?
  Lower Buckland (Marsh Lane) 0819 ?
  Lymington (Gosport Street) 0822 ?
  Note: Bus will stop on request at all stops on route.
Wilts and Dorset 762 Keyhaven/Milford-on-Sea  
Keyhaven, Keyhaven Road, Memorial 0813 1545
Keyhaven, Keyhaven Road/New Lane 0814 1544
  Keyhaven, Keyhaven Road/Swallow Drive 0815 1543
  Milford-on-Sea, Manor Road (School) 0821 1538
Wilts and Dorset X1 Barton-on-Sea/Milford  
Barton-on-Sea 0802 1610
New Milton, Whitefield Road 0810 1602
  Milford-on-Sea, Downton Lane 0817 1553
  Milford-on-Sea, Cornwallis Road 0820 1550
  Milford-on-Sea, Village Bus Shelter 0823 1548
  Milford-on-Sea, Church 0824 1546
  Milford-on-Sea, Manor Road (School) 0825 1545
Wilts and Dorset 775 Everton  
Everton, Bus Shelter 0824 1536
Everton, Old Christchurch Rd, nr Roberts Close -- 1536
  Everton, Old Christchurch Rd/Everton Road -- 1535

Temporary changes and updates to be found here:



2018-19 information on purchasing bus passes for children living out of catchment