Online Payment Access Information - Website There is now a tablet/phone App available - more information here

We use an online payment system, called Tucasi SCOpay, which allows you to make payments to Priestlands using the Internet.

We will issue you with a letter giving instructions on how to create an online payments account, and provide you with a unique ‘online link code’ for your child.  You will be able to use this account for any children you may have at this school (as well as for children at other schools where the same online payment system is used).

There is no minimum transaction amount for trips and activities, although there is a minimum transaction amount of £10 per child for dinner money.  In addition, there are no transaction charges.

We would encourage all parents to register on-line even if you will not be using it to make on-line payments. The benefit of this is that you can receive alerts to advise you that your child’s dinner money balance is running low and also you are able to view all catering purchases your child has made. If you require a code, please contact the Finance Department who will be able to help you.


Additional Information:

        Quick reference guide to online payments for parents

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        The online payments site -         There is a link to the site at the top of every one of our pages as shown here:

       School Cafeteria information - You can pay into their Kitchen account via the Online Payments