Reporting to Parents at Priestlands

A New GCSE Curriculum

Our current Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) students are working through new GCSE specifications in preparation for new exams based on a revised 9-1 grading system where 9 is the highest grade. In response to this all subjects at Priestlands have revised their KS3 (Year 7-9) curriculum to best prepare students for these new exams ensuring it: • is based on developing the key knowledge and skills required for success in KS4; • is based on our high expected standards of students; • is based heavily on formative feedback and allows all students to succeed - and so develops a growth mindset; • incorporates periodic summative assessment to support this ongoing formative feedback; • is simple and easy to understand - for staff, parents and students; • has consistent principles, to be used across subjects, but the flexibility to be suitable for all subjects; • allows all students to experience success - by focusing on the progress they make from their starting point  

What the report tells you

Students in Year 7 will initially receive a baseline assessment. Following this all students will be given a PPG (Professionally Predicted Grade) from each subject teacher. This is an indication of what GCSE grade they could go on to achieve if they continue to work and progress in the manner the teacher has seen so far. You can read in more depth about reports, PPGs and the key elements students are studying in each subject in the department guides listed in the right hand pane, as well as a short audio guide.

If you wish for a hard copy of a booklet please contact the school and this can be arranged.  

What reforms mean for GCSE Grades in each year

Students in Year 11 will get a grade on the 9-1 scale (9 as the top grade) for all subjects except Business Studies, Design & Technology, Media Studies and Statistics, which will be awarded on the previous A*-G criteria. Students in Years 10-7 will get a grade on the 9-1 scale in every examined GCSE subject. OCR Nationals will be graded at Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Detailed guides with Department grids (PDF):