The Student Record Book

Who uses the Student Record Book?

  1. Staff for communication with home, other staff & to record merits
  2. Parents to communicate with school
  3. Pupils to
    1. write down their homework, including any information they need to supplement what may be provided via the online Show My Homework system
    2. write in targets set at ARD
    3. write in their TRA grades
    4. write in when letters have been sent home
    5. keep their lesson timetable visible and correct

Care of the SRB

Pupils should

  1. keep their SRB graffiti free both inside and out
  2. Record homework clearly, writing in the subject and the date the  homework is due
  3. Ensure their parents sign it weekly
  4. Always have put it on the desk at the start of the lesson

Tutors are expected to

  1. Check that pupils have their SRBs daily and issue a day sheet, keeping a record of any issued.
  2. Check the SRB weekly for
    1. parent signatures
    2. homework record appropriately
    3. presentation of the SRB i.e. no graffiti present
    4. Referrals by members of staff that need following up
    5. Comments from parents which need action.

Members of Staff are expected to

  1. Use it to communicate with parents when necessary.
  2. Set homework regularly and ensure it is recorded correctly in the SRB.

By now all pupils should have

  • Important dates to be filled in
  • Home/School agreement signed
  • Access to internet signed

Please continue to encourage pupils to use the Community Participation Award page.