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Class of 2023 - Year 11

Mr G Boultwood - Co-Head of Year
Mrs J Wagstaff - Co-Head of Year
Ms K McAdam - Assistant Headteacher (Year Group Line Manager)
Mr C Bell - Assistant Head of Year
Mrs C King - PSM

RJO - Mrs R Owen - Avon
DLD - Mrs D Deveney - Solent
JLS - Ms J Squibb - Forest
MLP - Mr M Pitcher - Hurst

CJB - Mr C Bell - Forest
ELR - Ms E Rollett - Hurst
JWM - Mr J McIlrath - Solent
KP - Mr K Phillips - Avon

Mrs Helen Okoth (supporting 11DLD on Wednesdays)
Mrs Cant
Mrs Cooke (supporting 11ELR) on Fridays
Ms Suarez (supporting 11CJB)
Miss Kemish
Mrs Wenham