Class of 2022

HOY Mr Caplen

Head of Year: Mr Caplen


Telephone: 01590 677033


Welcome to Year 10!

Key Staff:


Mr M Caplen
Mr R Glenny
Mrs R Cooke
Mrs L Bailey

Head of Year
Deputy Headteacher - Year Group Line Manager
Assistant Head of Year
Pastoral Support Manager

PSM Mrs Bailey


Tutor Team:
10 A

10 alpha

Mrs E Westall
Mr O Ledsham
Mrs R Cooke
Miss S Hall

Mrs N Peacock
Mr M Pitcher
Mrs J Strath
Mrs R Owen

Attached Staff:

Ms C Bougard
Mrs J Coats
Mr S Gibbs (supporting 10NP on Tuesdays)
Mrs J Gillett
Mr S Dossett

ICT Support homepage, covering Office365, Email, SMHW etc

Frayer Model - Literacy Key Words for Year 8: