Class of 2025

HOY Mrs Haynes



U nique
N ice
I nnovative
T enacious
Y es we can!



Head of Year:  Mrs A Haynes

Telephone:  01590 677033

Welcome to Year 7, Class of 2025!

Key Staff:


Mrs A Haynes
Mrs J Emmel

Mrs L Smith

Head of Year
Deputy Headteacher - Year Group Line Manager
Assistant Head of Year
Pastoral Support Manager

 PSM Mrs Smith


Tutor Team:
7 A

7 alpha

Mr P Wagstaff
Mrs H Anthony
Mr E MacVicar
Miss S Hatchard

Ms B Sharpen
Ms J Westwood
Mrs W Drodge
Mrs O Pearce

Attached Staff:

Mr R Jessep
Dr T Bravenan (supporting 7WD on Thursdays)
Mr S Gillett

ICT Support homepage, covering Office365, Email, SMHW etc

Year 7 postcard design winner - Well done Matilda.

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