Class of 2024

Mrs Hollowbread, Head of Year

Head of Year: Mrs B Hollowbread


Telephone: 01590 677033


Welcome to Year 8!

Year 8 Curriculum Choices. Please use the Curriculum Choices Booklet and the department videos below to help your decisions:


Key Staff:


Mrs B Hollowbread
Mr T Ritchie
Mr G Boultwood
Ms L Stewart
Ms B James

Head of Year
Assistant Headteacher - Year Group Line Manager
Co-Assistant Head of Year
Co-Assistant Head of Year
Pastoral Support Manager

 Ms James, PSM


Tutor Team:
8 A

8 alpha

Mr M Bradley
Ms A Spencer
Mrs T Mitchell
Mrs S Leather

Ms L Stewart
Miss C Nicholson
Mr G Boultwood
Dr T Bravenan

Attached Staff:

Mrs C Cherry
Mrs L Liakakou
Mrs K Stone
Mr K Phillips


Year 8 Curriculum Choices Booklet 3/2021
CC evening will take place virtually on Wed 24th March from 3.30pm

ICT Support homepage, covering Office365, Email, SMHW etc

Frayer Model - Literacy Key Words for Year 8: