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Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to the Priestlands School website.

Priestlands is a highly successful secondary school with very good examination results, an excellent range of extra curricular activities and a strong ethos of good behaviour.  It is a great place to learn and a great place to work.

We have had seven successful Ofsted reports.  In the most recent inspection (February 2023), we were judged Good. (See our Ofsted page for the full report).  The report said:

  • “The school has a welcoming and inclusive ethos. Staff take time to get to know pupils as individuals. Leaders are rightly proud of the positive relationships between staff and pupils. Indeed, parents use the word ‘nurturing’ about the school. Behaviour in lessons is calm and purposeful. Most pupils also behave well at social times. Bullying is rare. Pupils and staff are vigilant about discrimination and derogatory language. Pupils feel safe in school, and they are confident that staff will deal with issues effectively."

We know that our students enjoy the wide range of choice offered in academic subjects and the creative and expressive areas of school life. There are truly fantastic opportunities to specialise in all subjects and to enjoy the enrichment and extension offered across the school in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.  This is further developed by an outstanding range of extra-curricular activities and an extensive range of school trips.

The school's approach to teaching and learning, the Priestlands Path to Progress, is modelled on the “Growth Mindset” philosophy.  In short, we want all of our students to be open to all of the new challenges they will face and take advantage of as many of the opportunities we offer as they can – the more they learn and the more they do, the more they can become.  Our happiest students and those who are most successful are those who throw themselves enthusiastically into all that we offer!

At Priestlands we have high expectations of all of our students.  We want all students to be happy, safe and successful.  We understand achievement in the widest sense and we value student success in all aspects of their lives.  At the same time, we are determined that students should enjoy their time at school and secure good relationships with the school as a whole, the staff and each other.

We work closely with parents, keeping them informed and involved.  Indeed, it is this partnership that is enabling the school to move from strength to strength. 

In the words of our school motto, "Learn more... Do more... Be more...

Peter Main