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Board of Governors

Portfolio Constitution Term of office Pecuniary/business interests with links to other establishments 2021-22
Mrs Claire Elford Premises, Health & Safety Parent 22.11.19-21.11.23 None 
Mrs Dee Gittins

Teaching & Learning / 
IT & Website

Parent 22.11.19-21.11.23  None  
Mr Kevin Harriman Chair of Governors Parent 21.01.19-20.01.23  None  
Mrs Beth Bray Careers & Enterprise  Community 01.09.18-31.08.22  None  
Mr Paul Cox Audit & Risk / Internal Scrutineer Community 27.02.19-26.02.23  None  
Mr Mark Dichlian Finance Community 13.06.18-12.06.22  None  
Mrs Polly Thornton  Data Community 10.12.20-09.12.24   None  
Mrs Jo Hillier Safeguarding & Welfare/Behaviour Community 12.06.19-11.06.23  None  
Mrs Claire Renshaw Vice-Chair of Governors
Human Resources/GDPR/Training
Community 15.09.21-14.09.25  None  
Mr Ben Williams SEN Community 11.12.19-10.12.23 None 
Mrs Becky Hollowbread N/A  Staff 11.02.20-10.02.24  None  
Ms Sally Feltham N/A  Staff 15.10.20-14.10.24 None 
Mr Pete Main N/A  Staff Ex Officio None 

If you would like to contact the Board of Governors for any reason, please contact Caroline Clitherow, Governance Professional, in writing at the school's address or by email.

Paul Cox – Community Governor appointed February 2019

Jo Hillier – Parent to Community Governor May 2019

Kath Rudd – Parent Governor end of term November 2019

Claire Elford – Parent Governor elected November 2019

Dee Gittins – Parent Governor elected November 2019

Tim Fry – Community Governor appointed December 2019, resigned July 2020

Ben Williams – Community Governor appointed December 2019

Charlotte Cherry - Staff Governor end of term January 2020 

Becky Hollowbread - Staff Governor elected February 2020

Louise Hill - Audit Scrutineer - stepped down July 2020

Paul Cox - appointed Internal Scrutineer - September 2020

Ruth Owen - Staff Governor - end of term October 2020

Sally Feltham - Staff Governor elected October 2020