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School Performance

Secondary school performance tables are published annually by the Department for Education to provide information on the achievements of pupils in secondary schools at the age of 16.

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Priestlands School Performance Table


What can I find out from the performance tables?

The secondary school performance tables provide data and information about:

  • students' GCSE (and equivalent) results
  • the proportion of students making expected progress in English and mathematics
  • value added scores comparing the progress made by students in the school with all students nationally
  • information about teaching staff and other members of the school workforce
  • schools' income and expenditure

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from the 2019-2020 or the 2020-2021 academic years as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.

There was much to celebrate at Priestlands School as students received their GCSE results with several records broken and many individual successes too. Priestlands students did very well in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science sustaining high performance whilst there were also record results in Languages, PE, Statistics and Technology as well as strong performances in many other subjects.

• 78% of students secured the new standard pass (9-4) in English and Maths
• 56% of students secured the new strong pass (9-5) in English and Maths
• 86% of students secured grade 4 or better in English
• 84% of students secured grade 4 or better in Maths
• 82% of students secured 2 or more grade 4s in Science
• A significant number of the top grades awarded including students with 9s in every subject. A phenomenal achievement!

Progress 8 Score: 0.2.  This means that, on average, students at Priestlands made significantly more progress than similar students nationally. 

Attainment 8 Score: 53.25

Percentage of Pupils entering the English Baccalaureate: 27%

Percentage of students staying in education after Key Stage 4: 97% 

The Class of 2020 faced an unprecedented end to their secondary school education with the cancellation of all exams and being awarded Centre Assessed Grades instead.  We were very disappointed they were not able to sit exams and were confident of maintaining the trend of outstanding achievement.



Number of pupils in school aged 15: 230

Number not entered for GCSE Examinations: 0




5+ 9-4

(including English & Maths)


9-7 in

English & Maths


9-5 in

English & Maths


9-4 in English & Maths


EBacc 9-5


EBacc 9-4

All students







We are proud of our academic record and believe all children are capable of making exceptional progress.  We encourage them to embrace challenge, pursue excellence and to be resilient in overcoming obstacles.  Above all we want to ignite in our students a love of learning which will serve them well throughout their lives.


There was much to celebrate as Priestlands students received their GCSE exam results. Headteacher Peter Main said, “Seeing our students again to celebrate their success was a real pleasure. This particular cohort have been on a real rollercoaster throughout their GCSE course and it has been remarkable how they have adapted and applied themselves. They have worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of them.”  

Schools, students and staff across the country had to come to terms with exams being cancelled again and a new system for awarding GCSE grades. Across the New Forest and Hampshire schools have collaborated to ensure students have received consistent support and will be able to successfully move to the next phase of their education.

Centres have followed a detailed process to ensure assessments reflect the learning completed by students over the GCSE course and that centre assessed grades (CAGs) are fair and robust. Since March, school staff worked diligently to provide and validate grades for their students as fairly and accurately as possible based on the government guidance at the time. Because of the unique set of circumstances headline figures will not be published this year and the government has recognised the league tables are not appropriate.

What is important now is that the GCSE grades that this year’s cohort have received allows each and every student to look towards the future and access their Post 16 plans in order to limit the impact that the pandemic has had on this group of young people. 

We are pleased we were able to recognise the incredible hard work and progress of our students in the outcomes they achieved and we wish them well for the next phase of their education.