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Staff at Priestlands

 Senior Leadership Team 

Mr Peter Main Mrs Julia Emmel Mr Richard Glenny
Mr Peter Main  Mrs Julia Emmel Mr Richard Glenny Mrs Samantha Fuell
Headteacher Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher School Business Manager
Ms Kerrie Mcadam Mr Tom Ritchie Mrs Hayley Yates
Ms Kerrie McAdam Mr Tom Ritchie Mrs Hayley Yates
Assistant Headteacher Assistant Headteacher Assistant Headteacher

Mrs H Anthony  (Assistant Head of Department - Mathematics)

Mrs C Arnold  (English)

Mr C Bell  (English)

Ms L Bilsborough  (Head of Inclusion & SEN/D Coordinator)

Miss C Bougard  (Deputy Head of Department - MFL French; French, German, Spanish)

Mr G Boultwood  (Assistant Head of Department - Science; Co-Leader Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme; Co-Assistant Head of Year 8)

Mr M Bradley  (Science)

Dr T Bravenan  (Science)

Dr H Burgess  (Head of Department - Mathematics)

Mr J Byrne  (Deputy Head of Department - Mathematics)

Mr M Cable  (Acting Head of Year 11; English)

Mrs A Cant  (Deputy Head of Department - English)

Mr M Caplen  (Head of Year 10; Physical Education)

Mrs S Chalmers (Whole School Literacy Coordinator; English)

Mrs C Cherry (Deputy Head of Department - Geography; Eco-Schools Coordinator)

Ms F Cleeter  (Head of Department - ICT, Computing, Business Studies, Media Studies)

Mrs J Coats  (Drama; House Coordinator)

Mrs R Cooke  (Assistant Head of Department - English); Assistant Head of Year 10

Ms A Crook  (Head of Department - Art)

Mrs D Deveney (English)

Mr S Dossett  (Professional Mentor; RE)

Mrs W Drodge  (Head of Department - History)

Mrs J Emmel  (Deputy Headteacher; Drama, Life Skills)

Mr G Fitzgerald  (ICT, Computing, Design Technology)

Mr S Gibbs  (Physical Education)

Mrs J Gillett   (Deputy Head of Department - Design Technology)

Mr S Gillett  (Head of Department - Design Technology, Activities Week Coordinator)

Mr R Glenny  (Deputy Headteacher; English, PE) 

Miss S Hall   (Physical Education)

Miss S Hatchard  (Geography)

Mrs A Haynes   (Head of Year 7; Acting Head of Department, Music)

Mr C Hill  (Deputy Head of Department - ICT; Subject Leader - Computing; Co-Assistant Head of Year 11)

Mrs B Hollowbread  (Head of Year 8; Geography)

Mr R Jessep  (Mathematics)

Mrs C Julius  (English)

Miss H Kemish  (Assistant Head of Department - Mathematics; Coordinator for High Achievers)

Mrs S Leather  (Design Technology -Textiles; Art)

Mr O Ledsham   (Deputy Head of Department - Physical Education)

Mrs L Liakakou  (Modern Languages; French, German)

Mr P Main  (Headteacher; Mathematics, Physical Education)

Mr E MacVicar  (Mathematics)

Miss K McAdam  (Assistant Headteacher, English)

Mr J W McIlrath  (Assistant Head of Department - Science)

Mrs T Mitchell  (Mathematics)

Mrs C Morris   (Mathematics)

Mr S Morris (Science)

Mrs C Nicholson  (Health Education & Life Skills Coordinator; English; PSHCE Coordinator)

Mrs E Noble  (Art & Photography)

Mrs H Okoth  (Subject Leader -Child Development)

Mrs R Owen  (Head of Department -Modern Languages); French, Spanish

Ms R Parker  (Food & Nutrition)

Mrs N Peacock  (Head of Department - Physical Education)

Mr O Pearce  (History)

Mr K Phillips  (Science)

Mr M Pitcher  (Head of Department - Religious Education)

Mr R Purdy  (Science; Co-Leader Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme; Co-Assistant Head of Year 11)

Mrs C Ritchie  (Head of Year 11; Physical Education)

Mr T Ritchie (Assistant Headteacher; Physical Education)

Mr J Robinson (Design Technology)

Mrs M Robinson (Deputy Head of Department - Science)

Mr K Rogers (Astronomy)

Ms E Rollett  (Modern Languages; Spanish & French)

Mrs A Russell  (Head of Department - English)

Miss B Sharpen  (Religious Education & Ethics)

Mrs A Shoebridge  (Mathematics)

Ms J Squibb   (Assistant Head of Department - ICT; Subject Leader - Media Studies)

Miss L T Stewart  (Deputy Head of Department - History; Co-Assistant Head of Year 8)

Mrs K Stone  (Subject Leader - German; Modern Languages; French, German, Spanish)

Mrs J Strath  (Head of Department - Drama)

Ms R Suarez  (Spanish, French)

Dr P Taylor  (Head of Department - Science)

Mrs J Wagstaff   (Head of Year 9; History)

Mr P Wagstaff   (Head of Department - Geography)

Mr L Welch   (Deputy Head of Inclusion; Science)

Mrs L Wenham   (Mathematics)

Ms J Westwood (Art)

Mrs H Yates  (Assistant Headteacher; English)

Priestlands Staff

Mr J Dunwoody   Electric Guitar

Mrs C Lomax   Flute

Mr J Manners   Drums

Mrs H Meredith   Voice

Mr S Owers   Bass Guitar

Mr T Rea   Acoustic Guitar

Ms P Simmonds  Voice

Mr N Smith    Clarinet & Saxophone 

Hampshire Music Service Staff

Mrs I Dixon   Piano / Keyboard

Mr A Needham   Brass / Piano

Ms S Stewart   Violin

Mr R Wallis   Acoustic Guitar

Mrs J Ainslie   Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs A Allan   Finance Officer

Ms S Anderson   Achievement Support Assistant

Mr S Andrews   Caretaker

Miss K Ayles   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs L Bailey   Pastoral Support Manager

Mr B Barnes   Caretaker

Ms L Barrow   Senior Science Technician

Miss J Bennet   Counsellor

Mrs M Bennett   Careers Adviser

Mrs M Bull   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs S Byrne   SEN Administrator

Mrs P Chamberlain   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs C Clitherow   Clerk to Governors & Secretary to the Trust

Mr L Collis   ICT Network Manager

Mrs S Cottenham   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs C Davidson-Young   PA to Headteacher & Admissions Officer

Miss M Davidson-Young  Curriculum Assistant (Maths)

Ms S Feltham   Facilities Coordinator

Mr B Field   Cover Supervisor

Mr I Fletcher   ICT Network Manager

Mrs L Freeman   Science Technician

Mrs S Fuell  Business & Finance Manager

Mrs S Fussell   Walled Garden Assistant

Ms K Gallagher   SIMS & Assessment Manager

Mr Tom Gould, Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs S Hadkinson   Student Support Assistant

Mrs P Handscombe   Receptionist

Mrs B Hartland   Work Experience Co-Ordinator; Careers, Enterprise & PSHCE Senior Administrator

Mrs G Hastelow   Arts Administrative Officer

Ms S Henderson   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs A Hodges   Cover Manager & Exams Officer

Miss D Hood   Attendance Officer

Ms R James   Pastoral Support Manager

Ms A Jamieson   ELSA, Peer Mentor Co-Ordinator, & Walled Garden Project Leader

Mrs E Johnson   Education Welfare Officer

Mrs S Joint   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs E Lewis   Finance Assistant

Mr C Lopez   Cover Supervisor

Miss L Marshall   Receptionist

Miss L Martin  Cover Supervisor

Miss L McDermott   Design Technology Technician

Ms L McKenna-Andrews   Achievement & Student Support Assistant

Mr R Morrell   Student Support Assistant & Curriculum Assistant (Physical Education)

Ms E Morris   Food Technician & Curriculum Assistant (Design Technology)

Mrs A Nutt   Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs S O’Neil   HLTA, Student Support Assistant

Mrs K Palmer   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs M Palmer   Achievement Support Assistant

Ms N Paterson   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs K Phipps  School First Aider

Ms T Pickup   Lead Invigilator

Ms G Quinn   Art Technician

Mrs K Saunders  Achievement Support Assistant

Miss K J Saunders   Hub Support Assistant

Mrs L Smith   Pastoral Support Manager

Mr C Sowerbutts   Minibus Driver & Midas Trainer

Mrs J Storey   SLT & Study Centre Admin Officer

Mrs J Stroud  SLT & Study Centre Admin Officer

Mrs F Taylor   Senior Receptionist

Mr J Taylor   Student Support Assistant

Mrs J Todd   Achievement Support Assistant

Mrs V Todd   Curriculum Assistant (English)

Ms Q Van Meurs   School First Aider

Mrs J Wells  Achievement Support Assistant

Mr D Welsh   Site Manager

Mrs C Wild   Cover Supervisor

Mrs K Woodcock  HR & Payroll Admin Officer

Mr D Young   Caretaker

Mrs S Bingham   Deputy Kitchen Manager

Miss K Brooks   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs D Cheetham   Kitchen Assistant

Mr M Downer   Chef / Kitchen Manager

Ms A Hector   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Marsh   Kitchen Assistant

Mr F O’Riordan   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Rutter   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Taylor   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Zhang   Kitchen Assistant