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Priestlands is an over-subscribed comprehensive school with a school community of about 1260 students.  We enjoy a high reputation locally and nationally as a school with a very good academic record.

We recognise that choosing a school for your child is an important decision and hope that our website captures the positive atmosphere and ethos of Priestlands.  Our new prospectus and supplement will be available to download by the end of September.

The majority of our students join us at the beginning of Year 7, aged 11 or 12, from our linked primary schools.  Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for all, although we recognise that some may feel anxiety about the change.  We work closely with students and parents to ensure that everyone settles quickly into school life at Priestlands.  The result is a caring and happy community, allowing students not only to achieve excellent academic standards, but also developing in them the self belief needed to become responsible young adults.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic restrictions, we will not be able to follow our usual format for our annual Open Evening & Morning, nor will be able to offer any tours. We are currently producing a virtual Open Event which will be published in the week beginning 5th October.

Applications for admission in the main round at the start of Year 7 are conducted by the Local Authority during the first half of the autumn term when children are in Year 6.  Parents of children in Year 6 will receive information about the application process from their child’s current primary school.  Year 6 children attending independent schools but living in Hampshire will need to contact the Hampshire Admissions Team on 0300-555-1377.  Year 6 children living outside Hampshire will need to contact their own Local Authority Admissions Team.  Parents and carers are informed of places allocated by the Local Authority shortly after their list is published on 1st March 2021.  Applications for places in Year 7 in September 2021 that arrive on or after 1st March will continue to be managed by the Hampshire Admissions Team.

Admissions to other year groups are conducted by Priestlands.  To apply, please complete the Priestlands School Application Form and read the accompanying guidance notes.  Our Admissions Policy provides further information. 

Open Evening & Morning

Due to the current restrictions these will not take place in school this year.  We are currently producing a Virtual Open Event which will be published during the week beginning 5th October.

September 2020 tours of the school

Sadly, due to the current restrictions, we are unable to offer any visits to the school.  This is because each year group is confined to one area of the school to keep them in a ‘bubble’.

In addition to the older video links to the left, during the summer we produced several videos aimed at the students who have just started Year 7, including a virtual tour of the school.  You may find these helpful and they can be found here: Year 6 transition