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Show My Homework
All school homework is published via Show My Homework. It is accessible via a website and an App.
Find the app in Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'Show My Homework'
The app is currently called 'Satchel One (previously SMHW)'

Click for SMHW Help Guide for new users (PDF)


Below is all the troubleshooting you need to use Show My Homework (SMHW). Please read this through, and if you are still having issues, then contact ICT Support for assistance.
The SMHW website should be used for all troubleshooting; The App will do most things but ultimately works slightly differently, and we cannot support it.

Nobody has to log in to see homework - it is visible to any one, any where - click on the Calendar at the top of the schools SMHW page, and filter to your lessons. (although some homeworks may be made 'private', requiring you to log in.)

New Students eg Year 7        Click for SMHW help Guide for new users (PDF)

If you have used a school computer, you have all the information you need:

  • On the SMHW website, click Forgot Password, and enter your school email address  eg   joe.bloggs@priestlands.hants.sch.uk
    Remember, this is your school computer username     joe.bloggs    with the addition of     @priestlands.hants.sch.uk
  • Now sign in to your school email - www.office.com and choose Outlook.   See our email guide on our help page for Email.
  • Read the SMHW email, and click the Reset Password link. Set a password. 10+ characters including uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol   eg   Password@1
  • Or you can sign in to SMHW using the 'Sign in with Office 365' option - this is your school email and school password.


  • You cannot create the student account. They must do it themselves.
  • If you have an existing account with an older sibling, log in to it and add the student using their Parent Code (see below for instructions on obtaining your code).
  • If you are a new parent, then select the option 'I dont have an account', and create one, using the Parent Code.

Nobody uses the Student PIN.



You only need to remember 2 things to log in - a username and a password. The username is an email address.

New students will need to use their school email address. (Existing students may be using personal email addresses. At any time they can be changed by the student within the App.)
Every student is provided with school email. Their email address is their normal computer username @priestlands.hants.sch.uk; So Joe Bloggs logs on to our computers as   joe.bloggs   His email address is therefore   joe.bloggs@priestlands.hants.sch.uk

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot password link on the log on page. Students - This will only work if you have set an email address. If you have not set an email address within your account, you must use your PIN to gain access. If you no longer have access to the email address that you set, you have caused yourself a big problem and you will not be able to proceed any further and will have to contact ICT Support on the link below .........unless.....

....If you have forgotten your password, and you are still logged in via the App, it will allow you to change your password to something new WITHOUT having to type the old one. Change it in the App via Menu - Settings - Personal Details - Password.
You can also change your email in here. If it is set to your school email you can make use of the 'Sign In with Office365' option.


When you first join the school, you are given 2 sheets, 1 with Student and Parent codes, see opposite, and our SMHW help Guide for new users (PDF)


Students have a PIN that you can only use once (but we dont use them - instead follow the instructions in our new users guide to use the Forgot Password and school email), and parents have a Parent Code (that can be used for up to 5 'parents'). Both expire after 3 months.

Letters in student PINs must be typed in Capitals (but we dont use the student PINs).


Two Parents could choose to create an individual account each using their own email addresses, or they could choose to share one account, we dont care; the parent email address is simply used to send your Forgotten Password reminders to, or you can also elect to turn on a weekly 'digest' email in your Account Settings - this gives a summary of the students homework.


The Student PIN is visible to the Parents (but we dont use them*)

The Parent Code is visible to the Student.

Parents - on your website Dashboard*, at the bottom of the box for each child, click Show student's PIN to reveal their unique PIN*.

Within the app, Menu - Settings - Student Management.

*You DO NOT NEED THE PIN unless you have completely lost control of your registered email address and need to change it;
Forgot passwords are reset using the forgot password link.


Students - Find your Parent Code*:

Only possible in the website:
Students - access Account Settings from the top left of the screen.
Your Parent Code is listed on the bottom right hand side of this screen.

The Parent Code should only be used to create a NEW parent account - it should not be used if the parent has simply forgotten their existing logon - in this instance they use the Forgot Password links.

*Your Parent Code is only visible when using the website, not the App.


Parents - Add an additional child:

Parents, to add additional siblings to your account, click Account Settings from the top left of the screen. Link another student to your account can be found in the bottom right. Type their Parent Code in there and submit.

In the App, click Menu - Settings - Student Management, and click the +

TeamSatchel Help article and video

Still having problems? -

Problem with the App? Use the Website. If you can log in and navigate then it is not a password/username issue. Delete the App from your device, download it again from your relevant App Store, and set it up from fresh.

If you feel there is a problem with the website/app, please first check the suppliers Status page available on:  http://status.showmyhomework.co.uk/

Still having problems? Contact Priestlands ICT Support for assistance