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Exam Information

GCSE Appeals Process 2021

This year students wishing to appeal their GCSE grade awarded will need to go through a two stage process as detailed below.


Stage 1 – Centre review

Where a student feels they have been given an incorrect grade, an appeal can be made. This must be submitted to the centre via email outlining the reasons for appeal. In this case we will check:

  • Whether an administrative error has been made i.e. the wrong grade was submitted to the exam board.
  • That the procedure was followed correctly i.e. was the centre policy for awarding grades adhered to.


Stage 2 – Appeal to the exam board

Where a student still believes they do not have the correct grade after the centre review is complete they can ask the centre to appeal to the exam board who will then review whether:

  • The centre made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence and/or in the determination of the grade from that evidence.
  • The centre did not apply the procedure correctly i.e. the centre policy was not followed.
  • The exam board made an administrative error i.e. they changed your grade during the processing of grades.


It is important to note that if an appeal is made to the exam board and the evidence used to determine a grade is sampled and moderated, there is the possibility that the exam board can adjust a grade up or down.

At both stages of this process, using the proforma to be provided, the appeal will need to be submitted to the centre via email to examoffice@priestlands.hants.sch.uk or by hand detailing the reason for appeal and providing consent for the school to conduct an appeal and/or submit it to the exam board on the student’s behalf.

The timeline for the appeals process is detailed below.  Any appeal requests submitted past the deadline will not be able to be processed.

Stage 1

12th August - 18th August – Students request a centre review

19th August -  Centre conducts centre review and informs students of the outcome and if requested submits an appeal to the exam board.


Stage 2

10th – 17th September – Centre submits appeals to the exam board.


Priestlands School Appeal Form 2021 

Last update: 2021-08-19