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ICT Support - a compilation of resources for you

Please read through the below sections for assistance. If you are still having issues, then please contact ICT Support via email.

Staff and Student Email, Teams, Microsoft Office 365: Click here for detailed instructions
all provided via Microsoft O365 on www.office.com

Satchel One / Show My Homework
Full support information can be found on this page. All school homework is published via this website (and App) - www.satchelone.com/login
Find the app in Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'Show My Homework'

Click for our in depth instructions for Student and Parents.

SIMS Parent
Full info about our SIMS Parent app and site is on this page
Use the App found in the Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'SIMS Parent'
or the website is sims-parent.co.uk

Groupcall Xpressions
Communications App

App, available on Apple and Android, allowing us to communicate to parents.
Find it in Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'groupcall xpressions'
The information is also available via a website portal: http://xpressions.groupcall.com

We can send you SMS texts via Groupcall Messenger, but this costs us money. We will continue to use that method of communication when it is urgent and important, but Xpressions allows us to push messages to you free of charge allowing us to give you more information perhaps of a less urgent nature.
You can also see your childs timetable, Attendance, Achievement and Behaviour points, and the School Calendar.
Download the app and register with the email address you have provided on your parental record.

Suppliers support address: http://parents.groupcall.com/

Email: School email is via Microsoft O365 at www.office.com
Click for detailed instructions

Lexia Powerup Lexia Core5 App logo

A literacy program, for selected students
www.lexiapowerup.com        www.lexiacore5.com

Children identified as needing additional support for their reading and literacy, will be enrolled in to one of the Lexia programmes that we offer, either Core5 or PowerUp. They will be timetabled to attend a Lexia class for 20 minutes, three times a week.

  • Lexia automatically places each student, and provides reinforcement activities when they need additional time on tasks.
  • Lexia focuses on critical reading skills that have been identified by national reading experts.
  • Various levels of activities provide extensive practise in everything from basic phonological awareness to advanced word-attack strategies and vocabulary development based on Greek and Latin word roots.
  • Students systematically progress through the software and gain a sense of achievement, confidence and independence.

As this is an internet based application, students are able to continue their Lexia at home, and we strongly recommend this:

The website for Powerup is at www.lexiapowerup.com,
The website for Core5 is at www.lexiacore5.com,
on iPad you will have to use the relevant Apps - PowerUp  Core5
The 'Teachers email' required to set up your device is   ictsupport@priestlands.hants.sch.uk   and you will need your Lexia username and password.

The suppliers information pages - Lexia Core5 Reading     Lexia PowerUp Literacy


A Maths resource website subscribed to by the school.
Very well designed - watch the videos, then practice the assessments
Login page = vle.mathswatch.co.uk           * Parent Student User Guide (PDF)

Microsoft Office 365

M365 or O365 or Office 365 or Microsoft 365 or Email or Teams - it is all the same thing - the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.

  • You can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook (email), and Teams, all within a web browser.
  • You can install the O365 applications to your personal computer PC/Mac,
  • or download the Apps to a tablet

when you Sign In to them using your school O365 account you activate/licence the application/app for full use - free of charge.

Log in to it via www.office.com using your school email address, and school computer password - see further help here.

Teams is simply part of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud (see above). You access it the same way you would any of the Microsoft Office 365 services, via a web browser - see our Microsoft Office section above, or Email page.
There is also a dedicated App for tablets/phones, or the Desktop Application for PC/Mac.

Tucasi SCOpay - online payments system, for school kitchen and trips etc - follow the link for full information

Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy - In order to be able to access the Internet in school, this form needs to be signed by both student and parent, then handed in to School