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Anti-Bullying - Information for Parents

Dealing With Bullying at Priestlands:

Priestlands prides itself on its proactive approach to bullying. PSHCE, Assembly themes and the Life Skills curriculum focus on developing values which support and encourage an inclusive ethos. One of the main focus areas being the development and maintenance of positive relationships as a way to eliminate bullying.

We believe that no school can say that bullying doesn’t happen, however, we believe we deal with bullying effectively and sensitively when it occurs.

We ask that students and parents tell us when there is a concern about bullying as we can only deal with bullying when it is brought to our attention.

See guidance below.

One of the main concerns parents and students have is that by reporting bullying it will make the situation worse.

Initially the concern will be dealt with carefully and sensitively with a focus on stopping the bullying and developing a more positive relationship rather than focusing on a sanction. Once an issue has been resolved a close eye will be kept on the students involved and there will be a brief follow up two weeks later. If the problem continues then a more direct approach may be necessary which is likely to involve a sanction. The situation will continue to be monitored.

Bullying can be reported by students or parents in the following ways:


  • Via the Peer Mentors who are on duty in the Hub every lunchtime

  • To their PSM, Form Tutor, Head of Year or any member of staff they feel comfortable talking to

  • The online form available through the school website here

  • Talking to the fully trained anti-bullying ambassadors


  • Phone call to the PSM

  • A face to face meeting with a member of staff

  • All reports and concerns will be investigated, involving discussions with students. 

  • Parents of all students involved will be contacted to discuss the issues where a concern has been raised

  • A way forward will be agreed

  • All incidents are logged and a detailed record kept

  • All bullying incidents are shared with the member of SLT responsible for ‘anti-bullying’.  These records are regularly reviewed.

  • An annual report is presented to Governors each year.

Further information regarding ‘bullying’ at Priestlands can be found in the Anti-Bullying Policy in the Policies section of the website. 

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Concerned about bullying? Speak to someone in school or you can get advice from: Kidscape.org.uk  or  Bullying.co.uk