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Careers Leader:  Mr Christopher Bell

At Priestlands School we value the importance of Careers education for our students’ futures. Our structured Careers Curriculum aims to inform and inspire them to make informed choices and become aware of possibilities as early as possible in their five year journey with us.

Priestlands students are encouraged to self-reflect on their own skills, interests and personality types in order develop an understanding what careers might best suit them.

Through Careers Education, taught as part of Life Skills, Priestlands School aims to raise aspirations, providing students with experiences and knowledge to make decisions about their futures.

Careers Strategy Policy March 2022

The support of our local community is key to the Careers Education that Priestlands School is able to provide. We are so lucky to have the backing of so many willing and enthusiastic employers, keen to get involved with our school calendar of activities every year. Sharing career experiences and providing opportunities to develop employability skills is invaluable to a young person’s progression and we cannot thank our existing partners enough.

Do you work in a business that could help provide work experience or opportunities for our students?

We are always looking for local businesses that are wanting to inspire and educate our students about the world of work and expand and develop our careers programme. If you think you could help us with practise interviews, talks/presentations to students, provide invaluable work experience or any other opportunities that give students the chance to develop core skills and motivation, please contact our Careers Lead – Christopher Bell at staff.bell@priestlands.hants.sch.uk .

If you’re an employer and are curious about how you could get involved, we would love to hear from you! There are many ways you could contribute to the Priestlands School community and we are always open to new ideas and opportunities.

Please get in touch!

We are using Compass (Compass +) as a tool to demonstrate that we are successfully meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks which is how schools measure their CEIAG provision.

Priestlands School/College is keen to develop meaningful relationships with education providers, employers and businesses to ensure our students gain the qualities, skills and qualifications required to fulfil their ambition and aspirations.

As staff, your role is to continue to provide dynamic and inspirational opportunities to bring careers learning both inside and outside of the classroom.  We are very lucky at Priestlands School to have a dedicated Careers Lead, Christopher Bell staff.bell@priestlands.hants.sch.uk, who will answer any questions you may have, share opportunities and resources to help staff build careers into the curriculum.

See the Careers and Enterprise teacher resources for information and links that can help staff support careers education within their curriculum areas.

Young people today are living in a rapidly changing world so preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities out there is a vital aspect of their education. Priestlands School is committed to developing and arming each individual student with the most up to date research and knowledge as they progress through the different key stages.

A key element to aiding a student’s development is instilling the valuable ideals of responsibility and independence to forge their own paths forward. Working in partnership with parents, the Careers Department guides and supports students in an enthusiastic and professional relationship throughout their time at Priestlands School.

How can you help?

  • Talk about careers regularly at home – the different jobs you may have had, how you decided on your current career path and what you have learned from all of your combined experiences.

  • Share your CV and help them in producing their own. Going through the motions of detailing their skills, experiences and qualifications on paper can really help students to see their current development clearly.

  • Run through typical interview questions and talk about your own encounters – both good and bad! Learning how to present themselves professionally and keeping a cool head in an interview situation is a valuable skill which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

  • Attend our events such as the annual Careers Fair and Apprenticeship Fair for the opportunity to speak in person with employers and further education institutions. A good tip is to take a ‘backseat’ for this occasion and let your child take control of the event and ask the questions directly themselves.

  • Attend College and University Open Days to explore what different establishments have to offer. Prospectuses are always available but there’s nothing quite like walking around a campus to really get the feel of a place.

  • Give us feedback! We are always looking to develop and evolve our careers education provision so please do get in contact if you have any comments or suggestions.

  • Get directly involved yourself! If you work for an employer who would be willing to support our careers education providing, be that through presenting an assembly, attending a Fair as an exhibitor, or being a practise interviewer, we would love to hear from you.

Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, teachers and employers.

This document details our programme

Access for external providers regarding careers and post 16 provision:


A provider wishing to request access should contact the SLT member of staff with responsibility for Careers, telephone number 01590 677033 or email the school, info@priestlands.hants.sch.uk.

The school will make an appropriate venue available along with appropriate ICT equipment to support the provider with presentations.  Requirements will be discussed in advance of the visit.

Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or relevant literature with the Careers Coordinator who will ensure it is placed in the careers section in the school library.

 Opportunities for access

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come in to school to speak to students and/or their parents.

Additional visits and events will be considered on request.

The Careers Leader in school is Mr Christopher Bell and he can be contacted using the above telephone number and email address.