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Head of Department: Mrs W Drodge

Head of Department: Mrs W Drodge


Our History lessons are based around historical enquiries that take students through a chronological narrative of British history from early Stone Age settlers to present day.

We want students to have a sense of identity and to understand what and whom has shaped Britain and also how Britain has influenced the wider world. We also want to encourage an empathy and understanding of others and thus students will study the story of migration to and from Britain and key turning points such as the Norman Conquest and the Industrial Revolution, as well as exploration and the beginning of our empire under the Tudors and Stuarts.  The important stories of Black Tudors, slavery and the progress of black people in the last century are also told as well as how women have shaped history including Joan of Arc and Eleanor of Aquitaine. 

We help students to develop a globalised sense of history and to have the opportunity to learn about other cultures.  Students study the advanced society of the Ming Dynasty in China and their influence on the world, the significance of Timbuktu as a centre for learning and trade as well as the  Mughal empire in India. They  also learn about both World Wars, the Russian Revolution and the Cold War.

Local history is a key part of the curriculum and a favourite topic is the significance of the New Forest in World War Two especially in  preparing for the D Day landings. 

In lessons we want students to have enquiring minds and to approach these stories as historians do by looking at evidence to answer questions such as; why did this event happen, how did people react, why was it significant?  Students will hear from historians, think critically about the evidence presented to them to use it to form their own judgements.

The History Department works hard to create interactive, dynamic and thought provoking lessons. The department aims that:

  • All students should develop their idea of identity based upon their understanding of local, national and international history.
  • All students should have their curiosity and imagination fired through studying the dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past.
  • All students should develop their historical skills in order to investigate the past collaboratively and independently and use these to participate in society today as confident, questioning and employable individuals.

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Exam guides and revision information can be found below

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