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What is Homework?

Homework is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum.  It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher.  It is important in raising student achievement.

Not all homework is done at home; in fact, for some students who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks which may require resources (books, software, equipment) more readily available at school, it is necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school.


How is Homework set?

All homework is posted online via Satchel One (formerly known as Show My Homework). All students and parents should have their own individual user accounts and passwords.  Login details are available from PSMs.


How much homework will be set and how often?

Homework tasks will not always be set in all subjects and those subjects with 2 homeworks per week may combine them into one longer homework, but students will then be given a full week for completion.

Year 7, 8 & 9

Homework tasks should take about 30-40 minutes each.

Year 10 & 11

In Years 10 and 11, homework tasks could each take up to an hour

Please see our help page here: General Information - ICT Support - SMHW

All school homework is published via the website and App:
Find the app in Google Play or Apple App Store by searching for 'Show My Homework'

Useful Resources

You sign in to SMHW/SatchelOne using the SIGN IN WITH OFFICE 365 button.

You will be familiar with this, and it is then your school email and school password to authenticate via M365.

Full instructions can be found on our help page in General Information - ICT Support - SMHW

Read our new user guide here: SMHW help Guide for new users (PDF)

In Summary:


sign in to SMHW using the 'Sign in with Office 365' option - this is your school email and school password.


  • You cannot create the student account. They must do it themselves.

  • If you have an existing parent account, log in to it and add the student using their Parent Code (students can find this via these instructions)
    If you are a new parent, then select the option 'I dont have an account', and create one, using the Parent Code the student can find for you (see above link).

Nobody uses the Student PIN.