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How to Tackle Online Scams

6 October 2023 (by admin)

It’s no secret that online scams are incredibly common, and you might know someone who has personally been a victim of one. But it might be surprising to hear that scammers often consider children as “easy targets,” and try to extract personal or financial information that way. While teenagers these days are tech-savvy, they’re not immune to scams either.

Priestlands School has recently been alerted to a scam doing the rounds on TIK TOK, claiming the reward of free currency for online games in exchange for passwords and emails. Once they have that information, the cybercriminals are able to access funds from banks or credit cards; often resulting in huge losses for families. Please don’t think this won’t happen to your child; we have experience of it happening to our students.

For excellent advice on how to tackle online scams please visit Expert Q&A: How to tackle online scams | Internet Matters