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North Street, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8FZ


Class of 2025   Year 10

Mrs C Julius - Co-Head of Year
Mrs A Haynes - Co-Head of Year
Ms G Rixon - Pastoral Support Manager
Mr T Ritchie - Deputy Headteacher (Year Group Line Manager)

PPW - Mr P Wagstaff - Hurst
SG - Mr S Gillett - Avon
EMV - Mr E MacVicar -  Forest
LBS - Mrs L Stewart - Solent

EMD - Miss E Duckett - Avon
JMW - Ms J Westwood - Hurst
WD - Mrs W Drodge - Forest
OJP - Mr O Pearce - Solent

Mrs Melanie Robinson
Ms C Bougard
Dr P Taylor
Mrs J Strath (supporting 10WD on Fridays)

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