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Class of 2025 - Year 10

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Mrs C Julius - Co-Head of Year
Mrs A Haynes - Co-Head of Year
Ms G Rixon - Pastoral Support Manager
Mr R Kelly - Deputy Headteacher (Year Group Line Manager)

PPW - Mr P Wagstaff - Hurst
SG - Mr S Gillett - Avon
EMV - Mr E MacVicar -  Forest
LBS - Mrs L Stewart - Solent

EMD - Miss E Duckett - Avon
JMW - Ms J Westwood - Hurst
WD - Mrs W Drodge - Forest
OJP - Mr O Pearce - Solent

Mrs Melanie Robinson
Ms C Bougard
Dr P Taylor
Mrs J Strath (supporting 10WD on Fridays)

Latest News

Year 10 Parents' Evening letter to parents (PDF)
 Year 10 Parents Evening will take place virtually on Thursday 23rd November from 4.30pm to 7.30pm


Presentation from Y10 Parents' Information Evening (PDF)

        U N I T Y  

U nique
N ice
I nnovative
T enacious
Y es we can!