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Class of 2027 - Year 8

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Head of Year:  Mr M Caplen


PSM:  Mrs J Callaway Gates


Mr M Caplen - Head of Year
Mrs J Callaway Gates - Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs H Yates - Assistant Headteacher - Year Group Line Manager
Mrs V Todd - Assistant Head of Year

LEM - Miss L McMillan - Hurst
JDR - Mr J Robinson - Forest
VRT - Mrs Todd - Avon
JWM - Mr J McIlrath - Solent

MLP - Mr M Pitcher - Avon
STR - Miss S Teuber - Forest
SWB - Mrs S Webb - Solent
NP - Mrs N Peacock - Hurst

Ms A Crook
Mrs R Henderson
Ms L Liakakou (supporting 8VRT on Wednesdays)
Mr A Moore (supporting 8NP)

Latest News

Year 8 - Curriculum Choices Information Presentation for Parents (YouTube)

Please note that the parents' evening on Wednesday 27th March is for current Year 8 (not Year 9 as stated at the end of the presentation)

Year 8 - Curriculum Choices Booklet and Form (pdf versions)

Satchel One / Show My Homework

Parents Evening Booking System